RS Syd

Malmö 2017: 7th Southern Regional Session of EYP Sweden

2017 års Regionala Session Syd kommer att hållas mellan den 1:a och 3:e december i Malmö.

Today, we live in a Europe where there is a lot of discussion about our cultures, our humanity, our rights, our futures, our homes, our borders. There are dreams and goals of gender equality, peaceful multicultural societies and safety of minority groups to mention a few. We as individuals can contribute to the betterment of our communities with simple actions in our daily lives. Together and united as Europeans however, we can take the large and important steps necessary to see a Europe we are all proud to live in. We wish to organise a session that highlights the importance of this message for all participants and therefore choose the theme “Together Towards Tomorrow.”


Caroline Gränsbo

Raymond Mpanga

Julia Salvall